Phase 10

Nitro Street Run


Welcome to Nitro Street Run, the ultimate high-octane sports game that takes street racing to a whole new level. In Nitro Street Run, you’ll blaze through neon-lit cityscapes, dodging traffic, and outmaneuvering rivals in a thrilling race against time. Your mission is to become the king of the streets by winning intense races and completing daring challenges. Customize your ride with the latest upgrades and nitro boosts to gain an edge over your competitors. Each race demands quick reflexes and strategic use of power-ups to navigate sharp turns, busy intersections, and unexpected obstacles. As you progress, unlock a variety of sleek, high-performance cars and explore diverse urban environments, from bustling downtown districts to hidden alleyways. Compete in different modes, including time trials, elimination races, and head-to-head duels, each offering unique rewards and bragging rights. With its stunning visuals, pulse-pounding soundtrack, and realistic physics, Nitro Street Run delivers an immersive racing experience that keeps your heart racing and your fingers tapping. Are you ready to dominate the asphalt and leave your mark on the city? Buckle up, hit the gas, and conquer the urban jungle in Nitro Street Run!